Transfer and Contemporary Learner Orientation


Currently closed - check back in early February 2020 for dates and to register

This orientation was formerly known as the Transfer Transition Program (TTP).

To succeed in college you need to be familiar with and understand how to use the resources available outside of the classroom. Transfer and Contemporary Learner Orientation is a half-day orientation for ALL new transfer students and ANY new beginning students age 22 and older, starting in summer I, summer II or fall. The program is designed to make the transition for new students to WMU a simple one. You will have the opportunity to get your WMU Student ID, attend presentations from residence life, financial aid, student activities and leadership programs, career and student employment services and more!  New beginning students age 22 and older who will be taking classes the main on-campus are required to attend; online-only learners and new transfer students are not required, but highly encouraged to attend.


Academic advising

 Get started on the right track.  Prior to registering for your first semester of classes, you must contact your academic advisor.  By doing so, you will ensure that you are taking the appropriate courses - not duplicating work already completed, in progress or planned.  In addition, you will be able to begin the process of planning for future semesters. Course registration may already be open for the semester you plan to start.  See your advisor early and be ready to register for your classes.  You do not have to pay for your classes at the time of registration unless you have been admitted after invoices have been sent.  Again, you cannot register for your classes until you contact your academic advisor. 

All of the academic colleges will be available the day of orientation, after the session, if you need to follow up on advising questions. You can find the contact information below.  If you are unsure of which college to contact for your major, give us a call.

  • College of Arts and Sciences—2318 Friedmann Hall (269) 387-4366
  • College of Aviation—2210 Kohrman Hall (269) 387-0347
  • College of Education and Human Development—2421 Sangren Hall (269) 387-3474
  • College of Engineering and Applied Sciences—E102 Parkview (269) 276-3270
  • College of Fine Arts
    • Art—2104 Richmond Center for Visual Arts (269) 387-2440
    • Music—2132 Dalton Center (269) 387-4672
    • Theatre and Dance—1103 Gilmore Theatre Complex (269) 387-3210
  • College of Health and Human Services—2125 Health and Human Service Bldg. (269) 387-2656
  • Extended University Programs—3221 Ellsworth Hall (269) 387-4156
  • Exploratory Advising—1275 Ellsworth Hall (269) 387-4410
  • Haworth College of Business—2350 Schneider Hall (269) 387-5075
  • Lee Honors College—(269) 387-3230


Learn more about Transfer and Contemporary learner orientation

After you submit your registration form, you will receive an immediate confirmation notice regarding your registration. This notice will be sent to your WMU email account and will include a parking pass to use for the day.

This orientation is for admitted new transfer and contemporary students who will be attending WMU in summer I, summer II or fall of 2019. Invitation to sign up for this orientation will come via a letter and email message.  It is also listed on your To Do checklist as TTP.  If you have not been admitted to WMU, please contact the Office of Admissions. Once you log into the registration page, you will be able to select from one of the following dates (all Fridays):

Orientation Dates:

To Be Announced Soon - Check back with us later for the 2020 dates.

If you need to change your date of attendance, you can log into the registration system and complete the process again or give our office a call.

  1.  CLICK HERE to Register.
  2. Cost
  3. Program agenda
  4. Session descriptions
  5. PARKING PASS and DIRECTIONS:  The week of the event an email message will be sent to you that includes a parking pass to download and use for the day.  This pass can be used across campus.  For directions to campus, please CLICK HERE.
  6. The Admitted Student Checklist is designed to help you finalize your college plans
  7. Check-in will take place from 8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. in the lobby on the second floor of the Bernhard Center.

 8. ACCOMMODATIONS:  If you are coming in the night before and need accommodations, please click here for a list of hotel options.


required online module information

 Upon admission, you can start learning more about WMU! Check out the MANDATORY online resource “Transition Orientation Modules.” This resource is a series of eight online modules that cover important topics like University structure, WMU ID, academic advising, parking, financial aid, writing center, computer center, recreation, graduate programs, the Kalamazoo community and more. You can log into the modules at any time day or night and as often as you like. ALL INCOMING TRANSFER AND ANY CONTEMPORARY STUDENTS (22+) MUST COMPLETE, AT A MINIMUM, THE FIRST FIVE MODULES.  Deadline for completion:  Summer I, II and Fall students have until October 1.  Spring students have until February 1.  A registration hold will be placed on the academic record if not completed by the deadline.

To get started:

  • Log into GoWMU.
  • Click on the Elearning button at the top of the page.
  • Click on "Transition Orientation Modules" to get started.