• Intern in meeting

    CTAC accepts interns who are studying at the graduate level in areas of occupational therapy, social work and speech-language pathology.

Each year, CTAC trains and supervises approximately 15-20 interns from Western Michigan University. These are graduate students from the occupational therapy, social work and speech-language pathology programs at WMU. 

In preparing to work with children during trauma assessment services, interns initially complete a 25-hour interactive training program. The training prepares them to implement standardized developmental testing tools used as part of clinical trauma assessments. They also receive an introduction to topics such as: trauma and the brain, attachment, the impact of intergenerational trauma, sensory processing disorders and secondary traumatic stress, among others. Training further allows students to develop the skills necessary to work with children of many ages from diverse backgrounds, all with varying trauma histories. 

Throughout the semester, interns gain hands-on clinical experience, working side-by-side with licensed clinicians, providing trauma assessments for children. Interns help to administer and score assessment tools as well as interview children, caregivers and service providers under the guidance of the clinical staff. They are provided with weekly supervision and ongoing training.

CTAC interns enter a variety of service fields after graduation. What binds them together, however, is a changed perspective about trauma and how to approach their professional work with an understanding of how traumatic exposure shapes children and families.

For more information about internships at CTAC, including how to apply, please email or call (269) 387-7008.