Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction is a nationally recognized program that assists students in challenging classes on campus. SI Leaders are students who have completed the course in a previous semester. They will sit with you through the class, hold review sessions and guide studying.

  • All sessions are free
  • No registration is required

Supplemental Instruction fall 2019 schedule

What to expect at an SI session

Sessions are like study groups and led by SI instructors who have completed the course. SI instructors facilitate sessions with materials to help review for the most important areas of the course. Sessions are comparable to study groups but with more personal interaction. It is important to come prepared for SI sessions for best results.

Why attend an SI session

  • Better grades: National and on-campus studies have shown that regular attendance to SI sessions improves grades between a half and full letter grade.
  • Meet people in your major: SI sessions are more interactive than most classes and may assist in networking with other students with similar majors. 
  • Have more free time. Most students who do attend SI tell us that they have more time than before because of an increase in course understanding.