Marion R. Spear Occupational Therapy Clinic

Occupational therapy student and patient.

The Marion R. Spear Occupational Therapy Clinic is an example of the service component of the Western Michigan University Department of Occupational Therapy. The clinic is a student-administered service provided under the direct supervision of licensed occupational therapy faculty, designed to provide consultation, evaluation and individual treatment.

Occupational therapy uses purposeful activities to promote the greatest possible functional independence for adults and children who are living with the effects of disease, injury, birth defects, disability or developmental delay.


  • Occupational therapy evaluation.
  • Onsite ergonomic assessment and consultation.
  • Customized treatment programs to improve ability to perform daily activities.
  • Adaptive equipment recommendations and training.
  • Guidance for family members and client caregivers.


Who do we serve?

Children and adults who have:

  • A spinal cord injury and want to learn to adapt their abilities to their needs.
  • Been injured on the job, or otherwise, and want to regain their optimal level of function.
  • Developmental delays and want to learn to move their bodies in a more coordinated and effective manner.
  • Experienced a stroke and want to relearn how to use their arms or legs or want to learn to walk alone, manipulate an assistive device or maneuver in a wheelchair.
  • Learning disabilities or signs of sensory motor/sensory integration dysfunction.
  • Physical or mental disabilities or degenerative disorders and need to improve their physical capabilities.


Grant funds study of food selectivity in children | June 3, 2016
Dr. Michelle Suarez, Western Michigan University clinical supervisor and assistant professor of occupational therapy, was awarded a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation grant for treatment of food selectivity in children with developmental disabilities.

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