Mark Sloane

Photo of Mark Sloane
Mark A Sloane
Pediatrician for the Children's Trauma Assessment Center
3092 Unified Clinics, 1000 Oakland Drive, Mail Stop 5361
Mailing address: 
Children's Trauma Assessment Center
Western Michigan University
1000 Oakland Dr
Kalamazoo MI 49008-5361 USA

Dr. Mark Sloane of the Children's Trauma Assessment Center at Western Michigan University is a board certified pediatrician with specialized advanced fellowship training in adolescent behavioral medicine. He has more than 30 years clinical pediatric experience, and is owner and medical director of the Center for Behavioral Pediatrics in Kalamazoo. Sloane is considered an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of learning, attention and behavioral disorders in children and adolescents. He is a founding member of the center's transdisciplinary team and has clinical experience in the medication management of more than 1,200 traumatized, drug and alcohol-exposed children and adolescents assessed at the center.