OT clinic to offer pre-driving assessments

The Marion R. Spear Occupational Therapy Clinic, part of the Western Michigan University Unified Clinics, will soon begin seeing individuals for pre-driving clinical assessments. The purpose of the pre-driving clinical assessment offered at the Unified Clinics is to help determine the individuals readiness for driving. It does not determine if the individual is safe to drive. However, the results of the pre-driving assessment will provide needed information to a referring physician or other referring agencies. The pre-driving assessment examines physical, visual, visual perceptual, and cognitive abilities required for safe driving and to identify any issues that may put the individual at risk behind the wheel. 

Occupational therapy addresses driving and community mobility as an important component of activities of daily living and holistic care. Occupational therapists can provide assistance in determining readiness to drive for individuals with disabilities who have never driven as well as the ability to resume driving for individuals who have experienced significant medical events. The ability to drive safely is an important aspect of independence, allowing an individual to connect to meaningful social, avocational, and vocational pursuits.

The information in a pre-driving clinical assessment report from the Unified Clinics may reduce out-of-pocket costs to individuals referred to driving rehabilitation programs because the pre-driving clinical assessment will have already been completed. 

For more information about the pre-driving clinical assessments or to be referred, please contact the clinic at (269) 387-7074.