Enrollment Process

Thank you for your interest in the Western Evaluation Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders at Western Michigan University. If you have concerns that your child may demonstrate signs of autism spectrum disorder, talk with your child’s health care provider. Your child’s doctor will help you to decide if further evaluation is needed and can facilitate a referral to WECAN if appropriate.

We require two forms before an appointment can be made. Both the Child and Family History form and Physician Referral are required for a diagnostic evaluation through the Western Evaluation Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders. A physician signature is required on the referral form. The required records listed on the referral form are also needed to support the scheduling process and clinical preparation. These records can be obtained by the referring physician or can be sent in separately by the caregiver.

Once our clinic receives the physician referral, we will contact the referring physician and obtain any additional needed documentation.

The following will be verified by our office:

  • Insurance
  • Remaining deductible
  • Co-payments
  • Co-insurance

Following this process, we will contact the caregiver to review these details and discuss scheduling, according to the financial and scheduling policies listed above. If it is determined that our clinic is not able to meet your family’s current needs, we will refer you back to your referring physician and if needed, connect you with other community resources and agencies for assistance.

Caregivers are essential members to the diagnostic team and are involved in each of the three appointments that make up the evaluation process. Caregiver involvement during the diagnostic evaluation includes completing a developmental interview with the psychologist and completing surveys related to your child. You will also have an opportunity to observe and participate during the team testing day. After the evaluation, you will participate in a family feedback session with WECAN team members to review results of the evaluation, diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations. Our team’s goal is to address your family’s questions and concerns, help you to better understand your child’s individual strengths and areas for growth, and develop an action plan for treatment to help your child continue to develop to reach his or her full potential.

Required Documentation

Before any child can be seen at the WECAN clinic, there are several documents we must receive. Below is the enrollment process for an evaluation at WECAN.

  1. The first steps to submit your child for consideration to be seen at the Western Evaluation Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders are:
    1. Submit the signed Physician Referral form.
    2. Submit the Child and Family History form.
    3. Submit other documents¹ (e.g., IEPs, medical information/records, etc.) Your doctor(s) may email this to us at uc-autism@wmich.edu. All forms may be submitted via email by sending them to uc-autism@wmich.edu or via webform.
  2. We highly recommend that you verify insurance coverage with your insurance company. WECAN participates with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Blue Care Network. We do not participate with Medicaid and cannot bill them for our services. To help you understand if your insurance plan will reimburse the full AAEC evaluation at the Western Evaluation Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders at WMU, we have created a list of commonly used codes by providers. Co-pays and any unmet deductibles must be received before services.

¹Relevant records may include:

  • Developmental screening results
  • Diagnostic/laboratory study results (e.g., audiology, genetic, metabolic, neuroimaging)
  • Educational reports/testing
  • Growth charts
  • IEPs
  • Prior clinical notes related to referral concern
  • Recent clinical notes
  • Therapy evaluations, treatment plans and/or progress notes

Once these documents are received, the team will determine if the child will be seen. A team member will contact you.