Dr. Gayle Ruggiero receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Join the Fight

Dr. Gayle Ruggiero, WMU medical director, receives her COVID-19 vaccine from Kalamazoo County health officials.

Get your shot

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination is the most critical and readily available tool to protect yourself and those around you. If you haven't been immunized, call Sindecuse Health Center at (269) 387-3287 to make an appointment. As an added incentive for the campus community to be immunized, fully vaccinated students and employees can receive a $5 Starbucks digital gift card by uploading their vaccination documentation in the center's secure patient portal.  Additionally for students, the University is offering 60 COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive Scholarships, with awards up to $10,000.

Visit the COVID-19 Vaccination Incentive Program page to learn more about the incentives and related information, including terms and conditions and directions for uploading vaccination documentation.

Other sites offering COVID-19 vaccination include store pharmacies, such as  Meijer and Rite Aid. The state's  COVID-19 response website features a portal to county health departments throughout Michigan. Locally, any Kalamazoo County resident who is eligible may schedule an appointment online with the Kalamazoo County Health & Community Services Department.