Curriculum - Orientation and Mobility for Children

The orientation and mobility for children curriculum consists of 37 credit hours. The on-campus sequence takes approximately four semesters to complete, and the standard distance education sequence requires six semesters and requires that students attend courses on campus for one six-week summer session.

Below is the list of classes for the orientation and mobility for children program:

  • BLS 5880: Psycho-Social Aspects of Disability (two credits)
  • BLS 5900: Physiology and Function of the Eye (two credits)
  • BLS 5915: Braille for Orientation and Mobility Specialists (one credit)
  • BLS 5920: Orientation and Mobility with Children (three credits)
  • BLS 5945: Itinerant and Effective School Collaboration (two credits)
  • BLS 5950: Methods of Orientation and Mobility/Intro Mobility-Blind (four credits)
  • BLS 5960: Electronic Devices (one credit)
  • BLS 5970: Principles of Low Vision (two credits)
  • BLS 6010: Small N Research (three credits)
  • BLS 6040: Issues in Independent Travel (two credits)
  • BLS 6050: Practice in Low Vision (one credit)
  • BLS 6060: Adaptive Sports Activities for VI Children (one credit)
  • BLS 6100: Assisted Research (two credits)
  • BLS 6940: Principles of Orientation and Mobility (three credits)
  • BLS 6950: Practicum in Orientation and Mobility (two credits)
  • BLS 7120: Internship in Orientation and Mobility (six credits)