Virtual Reality in Classes

Technology in the fine arts—hnrs 3701

In the Honors College, student teams in the Technology in the Arts course will be using the Virtual Reality Lab to create an experiential VR environment that will convey a sense of place and emotion. Players will be able to interact with items in the environment to change elements of the world, such as the lighting, particles and sounds. These projects will allow students to begin to explore the idea of what art experiences might be like within a virtual world.

multimedia journalism—jrn 2200

Sue Ellen Christian has integrated virtual reality into her Multimedia Journalism course. Working with 360-degree documentary videos, student teams add in-depth information and supplemental videos to the 360 video environment, allowing viewers to interactively delve deeper into the subject matter.

Period Styles of Design—THEA 1300

Kathryn Wagner uses Google Earth VR through the Virtual Reality Lab to give students a close-up and personal experience with famous architecture. Students visit locations including Notre Dame Cathedral, Sistine Chapel, Taj Mahal, and the Roman Colosseum. Each student has an opportunity to look at each piece of architecture and determine styles of design used.