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Example of a directory list

Example of a directory page

Directory pages are required for academic departments and colleges and for most administrative offices. For many other sections, directories are not necessary and not recommended. Shown above is the standard department directory page. The person upper left is always the head of the department. The person upper right is always the department secretary or administrative assistant to the department head.

Below the department head and secretary is a rule line. Everyone else in the department is listed alphabetically by column. With the exception of identifying the department head and secretary, the directory is an alphabetical listing of people in the department. It is not an organizational chart.

In the WMU content management system, the "Directory List" content type is used to create the department directory page, which is automatically populated with individual directory listings, created using the "Directory Page" content type.

Only official University publicity photos, provided by the Office of University Relations, may be used in web directories. If no photo is available, a grey box replaces the photo (this happens automatically in WMU CMS).

Detailed standards for directory pages