Web Standard Footer

Screen capture of the website highlighting the section footer region

Example of the section-specific footer

The footer identifies the office or department responsible for the page. In most cases, the footer corresponds to the section name. It does, however, include words generally omitted in section names, such as center for, department of and office of. Pages for Web and Electronic Communication are maintained by the Office of University Relations, which is what is listed in the footer of this page.

In the WMU content management system, the footer is set when the section is created. It can not be modified by the section manager; only a system manager can edit the information.

The information in the footer is Full, Formal Department Name (in bold), abbreviated address and phone. No additional information should be included in the footer.

There is a specific format for the address and phone, exactly as shown below. There is no comma between the city and state, and the address includes ZIP Plus 4 and USA. A pipe separates the address and phone, which should always be the main number for the corresponding office. All phone numbers include the area code in parentheses, a space, the exchange, a hyphen and the number.

Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo MI 49008-5433 USA | (269) 387-8400

Contact information should be listed on the Contact Us page, and on individual directory pages. No additional information should be included in the footer.