Section Menu

Screen capture of the website highlighting the section menu region

Example of the section menu region

What we commonly refer to as a website at WMU is actually a section within the University's content management system. Links in the section menu should point only to pages within the section.

Section menus should contain no more than 12 links, each of which may have up to 12 secondary links. Each section is allowed a maximum of three levels: primary, secondary and tertiary links.

At the top of the menu is the name of the section, which should match title of the section's home page.

Consistency is critical to ease of navigation. Global navigation and tools will be identical on every page. Left-column site navigation will vary depending upon the office or department represented by the section, but common terms, organization and architecture will be used.

Not every site will have a link to Computer Labs, but those that do should all use the same term, "Computer Labs." The link "Directory" should go to the same kind of information on every site where it is used.

Writing style guide

The following applies to all sections representing offices and departments of the University.

  • All menu items use title case (capitalize all key words).
  • Do not use ampersands (&), and do not use all caps.
  • Two links—Name of Section (home) and Contact Us—are required. Name of Section is always the first link in the menu. Contact Us is always the last link. Directory, if used, should be above Contact Us. All other links should be listed alphabetically.

Standard links

Listed are common links for WMU web sections. The list indicates the name of the link, where the link should be placed, and a recommended URL. No office or department is expected to include all of the information implied by the links, but if, as an example, a mission statement is included, the name of the link should be "Mission," and it should be under "About."

  • Name of Section (required on all pages) links to the home page of the unit site
  • About (required for academic units) </about> is a description of the office, department or academic discipline
    • Accreditation </about/accreditation>
    • Affiliations </about/affiliation>
    • Committees </about/committee>
    • Facilities </about/facility>
    • Fast Facts </about/facts>
    • History </about/history>
    • Leadership </about/leaders>
    • Mission </about/mission>
    • Mission and Goals </about/mission>
    • Mission and Vision </about/mission>
    • Points of Pride </about/pride>
    • Publications </about/publications>
  • Academics (required for academic units) </academics> (contains program information or links to programs—undergraduate majors and minors, graduate programs—if there is more than one)
    • Advising (required for academic units) </academics/advising>
      • Appointments (preferably online) </academics/advising/appointments>
      • General Information </academics/advising/info> 
      • Office Hours </academics/advising/hours>
      • Staff </academics/advising/staff>
    • Centers and Institutes (related to the unit) </academics/centers>
    • Departments (college pages only) </academics/departments>
    • Apply (only if program specific) </academics/apply>
    • Course Schedule </academics/schedule>
    • Course Descriptions </academics/courses>
    • Independent Study </academics/independent>
    • Interdisciplinary Study </academics/interdisciplinary>
    • Internships </academics/internship>
    • Study Abroad </academics/abroad>
  • Advising (may be included under academics, required for academic units) </advising>
    • Appointments (preferably online) </advising/appointments>
    • Office Hours </advising/hours>
    • General Information </advising/info>
    • Staff </advising/staff>
  • Alumni (unit specific alumni chapter or services) </alumni>
  • Career Center (unit specific) </career>
  • Certification (certification for students, graduates) </certification>
  • Clinics (may be separate link or included under facilities) </clinics>
  • Computer Labs (may be included under facilities, computing resources or technology resources) </labs>
  • Computing Resources (may include Computer Labs and other computing services and resources) </computing>
  • Ensembles (School of Music only) </ensembles>
  • Events (unit specific events) </events>
  • Exhibitions (may be included under events) </exhibits>
  • Facilities (may be separate link or included under about) </facilities>
  • Galleries (may be included under facilities) </gallery>
  • Giving (unit specific gift opportunities) </giving>
  • Hours (required for campus services) </hours>
  • Internships (may be included under academics) </internship>
  • Research (unit-specific research, research facilities) </research>
  • Resources (unit-specific resources) </resources>
  • Scholarships </scholarships>
  • Services (unit-specific services) </services>
  • Student Organizations </groups>
  • Technology Resources (if all technology resources are related to computers, use computing resources) </technology>
  • Directory (required on all department and office pages) </directory>
  • Contact Us (required on all pages) </contact>

Required links for academic departments

  • Name of Section
  • About
  • Academics
  • Directory
  • Contact Us