Webex Meetings

Slides from the Webex Meetings instructional continuity quick-start session are available here for download.
Using the Webex usage report to take attendance example is available here for download.

Two types of meetings are available within Webex Meetings, Personal Rooms and Meetings.
  • Personal Rooms are always available, you don’t have to book it, and you always know where to find it with a permanent URL.
  • Meetings are typically intended for scheduled meetings that will happen at a specific time and date.

See here for a comparison to determine which meeting type fits your needs. Personal Rooms can accommodate up to 1000 attendees are the recommended method for hosting a meeting yourself.

Webex Personal Room Webex Scheduled Meeting


The Webex Help Center is a great resource for learning the basics of Webex. Additionally, you may also register for a hands-on, live and interactive introduction to Cisco Webex Meetings. Gain a high level overview of how to schedule your meeting, manage audio, and share content. At the end of the class you will be able to host your own meeting and receive resources to help you continue your learning.

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