In an effort to promote a culture of wellness at Western Michigan University, wellness hubs were created to inspire a supportive and engaged network of colleagues within departments and buildings.  Each designated wellness hub has an assigned wellness champion.  Wellness champions are employees who volunteer to drive participation and engagement at their hub and coordinate site-based assessment services and programming initiatives.   

Be a Wellness Champion

Wellness Champions assist in making WMU a culture of wellness in various ways such as:

  • Actively sharing information about Western Wellness programs and other WMU resources to co-workers in an effort to stay healthy and improve overall wellness.
  • Be a source for creative ways to provide building-based support for wellness through various methods such as challenges, wellness workshops and on-site assessments and coaching.
  • Assist in increasing participation in the Western Wellness program for wellness assessments and coaching.
  • Gather information from co-workers about the types of programs they are interested in attending that would support their wellness goals.
  • Participate in quarterly wellness champion meetings and activities.

Western Wellness Champions List

Wellness Champion Application