Take the Hydration Challenge

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    Take the Hydration Challenge
    Monday, July 15 to
    Sunday, July 21

    For all Western Wellness employees

    Register by July 12


Monday, July 15 to Sunday, July 21

Proper hydration is important, as most of our body is comprised of water. The proper balance of water in the body enables cells, tissues and organs to function correctly. Healthy hydration habits include consuming adequate
amounts of fluid for your body weight each day, consuming foods of high water content, minimizing sugar sweetened beverages, drinking water upon waking, limiting excess caffeine and alcohol consumption. Join this one-week challenge to prioritize these habits. 

Registration deadline

  • Friday, July 12


  • A tracking form is available on webpage

Hydration Challenge Tracking Form

  • Email final points to Katie Alkema by Monday, July 22 to be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card



Katie Alkema


(269) 290-5167