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Lessons—Tennis and Pickleball


Meet Tim Montague

Tim is our tennis director at West Hills


Private lesson intro package

This introductory package is for first-time clients, and may be used only once. The package consists of three hours of private instruction with the tennis pro of your choice!

Lesson DurationMembersGuests
3 hrs.$189 ($63/hr.)$189 ($63/hr.)

Private lessons

Lesson DurationMembersGuests
1/2 hr.$39$46
1 hr.$67$74

 Semi-private lessons

Lesson DurationMembersGuests
1 hr.$39 per person$46 per person

Private lesson package—members only

5 hour package$325 ($65/hr.)
10 hour package$630 ($63/hr.)
20 hour package$1,220 ($61/hr.)

Semi-private lesson package—members only

5 hour package$190 per person ($38/hr.)
10 hour package$370 per person($37/hr.)
20 hour package$720 per person ($36/hr.)

 Tennis group lesson rates

Group SizeMembersNon-Members
3 people$29 per person, per hour$36 per person, per hour
4 people$25 per person, per hour$32 per person, per hour
5+ people$22 per person, per hour$29 per person, per hour