Irshad Manji visit

  • Irshad Manji on WMU campus Sept. 2022

Irshad Manji, with the force of personality and wit, brought her message of moral courage to WMU in September 2021, boosting the We Talk movement among students, faculty and staff. The Brooklyn-based educator and founder of Moral Courage College challenged her audiences to think differently about how they handle conflict. In classroom, panel, presentation and social settings, Irshad prepared young people to engage honestly about contentious issues rather than shaming or canceling each other.  

We Talk used the opportunity of Irshad’s two-day visit to broaden the initiative’s reach into the community, as she met with local government, business and civic leaders. Her closing presentation, Conversations in Divided Times, which included a lively panel discussion, was open to the public. See recording link below.

The author of  "Don't Label Me" advised audiences to “listen to understand, not to win." This skill, part of her inclusion program, Diversity Without Division, lowers emotional defenses all-around and thereby increases one's chances of being heard. She also recommended trading the either/or mindset for a both/and lens, which fosters grace as well as self-confidence. 

Through their nonprofit, the Moral Courage Project, Irshad and her team train individuals to become certified Moral Courage Mentors in their own communities. WMU community members are applying to the program. Join them! Learn more at

Learning resources


The Jungle, Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy
With Entrepreneur Irshad Manji, founder of Moral Courage College

Video of Irshad Manji - Founder of Moral Courage College | THE JUNGLE #37


  • Hear to be Heard—Quick tips from Irshad Manji to achieve positive outcomes through conversation and build foundations of trust.

Video of Hear to be Heard
  • Conversations in Divided Times—Learn about Irshad Manji's five tips for engaging across divides, the Moral Courage Project she founded and directs, and view a provocative panel discussion she led with Jason Cabel Roe and Dr. Luchara Wallace. Recorded at WMU on Sept. 21, 2021.

Video of Conversations in Divided Times 9-21-21

Articles and handouts

Handout: The Brain Science Behind the Moral Courage Method, by Irshad Manji.

Book discussion guide: “Don’t Label Me: How to Do Diversity Without Inflaming the Culture Wars,” by Irshad Manji. A resource provided by the Heterodox Academy

  • We Talk University Library Guide--books and articles related to We Talk-sponsored authors provided by Waldo Library, a co-sponsor of the Irshad Manji campus visit.

What is Irshad Manji talking about?

What is Irshad talking about and with whom? Get a sampling in these videos.