WMU News

Electronic resources available to media

Nov. 11, 1997

KALAMAZOO -- The WMU Office of Marketing, Public Relations and Communications announces an update in electronic resources available for media representatives.

News releases issued by the office are now available on the University's World Wide Web site. The address is <www.wmich.edu/wmu/news>. The news Web site is continuously updated, and also periodically offers reproduction quality images that can be downloaded.

In addition to the news releases, a calendar of campus events is available through the news Web site. You can connect to the calendar, which runs for a year in advance, by simply choosing Calendar of Events.

General facts about the University are available at another Web site <www.wmich.edu/wmu/facts>.

Staff members in the Office of Marketing, Public Relations and Communications will begin listing their email addresses at the top of each release. In general, the format for a WMU email address is <firstname.lastname@wmich.edu>.

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