Faculty members granted sabbatical leaves

December 10, 1998

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- A total of 26 Western Michigan University faculty members were granted sabbatical leaves Dec. 11 by the WMU Board of Trustees.

Granted leaves for the entire 1999-2000 academic year were: Dr. Seamus A. Cooney, professor of English; Dr. Robert W. Felkel, professor of foreign languages and literatures; Dr. Richard A. Gershon, associate professor of communication; Dr. Suzanne Hedstrom, assistant professor of counselor education and counseling psychology; Dr. Robert C. Hinkel, associate professor of English; Dr. Dona G. Icabone, associate professor of special education; Keith Jones, associate professor of art; Dr. R.V. Krishnamurthy, professor of geosciences; Dr. Paul L. Maier, the Russell H. Seibert Professor of Ancient History; Dr. Edward J. Mayo, professor of marketing; Dr. Susan Ponchillia, professor of blind rehabilitation; Dr. Silvia Roederer, associate professor of music; Dr. Cynthia Running-Johnson, professor of foreign languages and literatures; Dr. Iskender Sahin, professor of mechanical and aeronautical engineering; Karen Seelig, associate professor of speech pathology and audiology; and Dr. Robert E. Shamu, professor of physics..

Sabbatical leaves for these faculty members also were approved: Dr. Joel P. Bowman, professor of business information systems, for winter 2000; Dr. Paul V. Engelmann, associate professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering, for winter 2000; Dr. Ross Gregory, professor of history, for fall 1999; Dr. Robert I. Moss, associate professor of health, physical education and recreation, for fall 1999; Louis Rizzolo, professor of art, for winter 2000; Dr. Quentin Smith, professor of philosophy, for fall 1999; Dr. Robert Spradling, professor of music, for winter 2000; Patricia F. VanderMeer, professor of University libraries, for spring and summer 1999; Dr. Trudy G. Verser, professor of management, for fall 1999; and Dr. Constance S. Weaver, professor of English, for winter 2000.

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