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High-tech image of state is meeting topic

January 8, 1999

KALAMAZOO -- A special committee meeting of the Governor's Innovation Forum is expected to attract nationally known technical writers as well as state and national image experts to the campus Thursday, Jan. 21.

The Image and Culture Committee of the forum will meet at 10 a.m. in a public session at the Fetzer Center to discuss ways to overcome Michigan's image problems and begin building a more accurate picture of the state that reflects its high-tech talent and substance.

Agenda items for the meeting include:

The Governor's Innovation Forum, launched by Michigan Gov. John Engler last year, is a year-long series of meetings examining the relationships between Michigan's universities and industries, with the goal of fostering collaboration leading to the development, attraction and expansion of new businesses in the state and the creation of new jobs for Michigan citizens. The meetings have been held at the state's major universities. In April 1999, forum participants will issue recommendations for actions state government, universities and industry can take to achieve the goal.

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