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Green campus audit will review WMU's environmental efforts

May 20, 1999

KALAMAZOO -- It isn't easy being green, but an audit currently underway will find out ways that Western Michigan University can be a more environmentally correct campus.

The Green Campus Audit, being conducted by students of the Environmental Sciences Program, will look at all aspects of the University in terms of energy consumption, environmental health and safety, air quality, water quality and usage, solid and hazardous waste, architectural design and building construction.

"We'll be interviewing people involved in the actual running of the University, like those in the physical plant, and we'll survey faculty and staff to find out what they are doing in their courses related to environmental teaching," says Molly Cole, environmental studies and adviser for the project team.

Student Andrew Nixon and recent graduate Andrew Domino dreamed up the project and received the approval of the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board and the endorsement of Provost Timothy Light and Bob Beam, vice president for business and finance.

The audit is expected to take a year. Cole says that the purpose of the audit is not to criticize the campus' environmental efforts, but to gauge what the University is currently doing.

"The University actually does a lot in terms of the environment. There are a lot of people working hard to do good things," says Cole. "We'll find some things we aren't doing, but we also expect to find that in some areas, we are ahead of others. We would like to provide help and support so we can address our challenges." For more information, contact Cole at 616 387-4914.

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