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Effort to delay start of school gains momentum

Aug. 9, 1999

KALAMAZOO -- Supporters of Michigan's booming tourism industry are throwing their weight behind an effort to delay school until after Labor Day.

According to Dr. Eldor Quandt, chairperson of the WMU Department of Geography and an authority on state tourism, the move would give an added boost to Michigan's $9.6 billion tourism industry, which has surpassed agriculture in direct sales ranks second behind manufacturing.

"It represents extending your summer and extra vacations right before the beginning of the school year," Quandt says. "And that is important to people."

Quandt also says delaying the start of school would let a large number of students employed in tourism to continue working through Labor Day. Quandt says he understands educators' concerns about losing days from the school year, "but there are ways I think you can work out some of those days that may be taken up." Quandt says several other states have been successful starting their school years after Labor Day.

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