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Ed Mayo garners teaching innovation award

Nov. 27, 2001

KALAMAZOO -- Ed Mayo, professor of marketing, recently received the annual Faculty Teaching Innovations Award from the WMU Haworth College of Business.

Mayo, who was one of 10 business professors nominated for the honor, received multiple nominations for the award. A group of alumni judges praised Mayo for arming students in his marketing classes with a unique tip sheet that can later be used on the job. As students progress through a course, he asks them to choose favorite techniques, tips or observations from each chapter of their textbook. At the end of the semester, Mayo compiles and laminates each student's list.

"So often, we learn these things in the classroom and think, 'Hey, that's a neat idea,' but when it comes to actually being on the job, it has slipped our mind," says Associate Dean Trudy Verser, Haworth College of Business. "With Ed's technique, each student goes away with a personal little compendium of wisdom that speaks to them. They can post it at their desk, or keep it tucked away in a drawer for occasional reference. It's a great idea that I'm already incorporating into my own classroom."

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