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Demand increases for 'family life professionals'

Aug. 30, 2002

KALAMAZOO -- Western Michigan University is working to address the growing demand for family life educators, professionals who help guide families through some of life's toughest situations and transitions.

More and more, government agencies, schools, social service groups, and community colleges are turning to family life educators to help address effective parenting, divorce issues, conflict resolution, family relations, aging, and workplace matters.

"We're realizing as a culture the value of family," says Dr. Linda Dannison, chairperson of WMU's Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, which is seeing students flock to its master's degree program in Grand Rapids and Lansing.

"It's important to realize that life is not driven solely by work, politics and money. These systems interrelate to family life," says Dannison, a nationally recognized expert on aging, grandparenting and other family issues, who can be contacted at <linda.dannison@wmich.edu>.

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