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Canadian studies roundtable comes to Fetzer Center

April 3, 2003

KALAMAZOO -- Canadian studies scholars from around Michigan will converge on the Western Michigan University campus Friday, April 11, to take part in a roundtable discussion that will focus on the latest trends and developments in Canadian research, grants, politics, culture and education.

WMU Interim Provost Elise B. Jorgens will welcome those attending the fifth annual Michigan Canadian Studies Roundtable, which is set to begin at 9 a.m. in the Fetzer Center. The event attracts faculty members and students from and Michigan and Canadian colleges and universities as well as participants from other universities in the United States and Canada and participants from a number of other educational and cultural initiatives. This is the first year the roundtable will be held at WMU, and a number of participants are members of the WMU faculty.

This year's roundtable will feature Saskatchewan-born writer and playwright Michael Helm who will read from his new manuscript "The World Beyond the Sun." The program also includes a trip to St. Joseph, Mich. to view the "Shared Waters: Natives and French Newcomers on the Great Lakes" exhibit at the Fort Miami Heritage Society. The exhibit, which is featured in the current issue of Michigan History magazine, explores how Native Americans and early French explorers interacted in the Great Lakes, including at Fort St. Joseph, which is a site under investigation by WMU archaeologists.

Administered through Michigan State University, the Michigan Canadian Studies Roundtable brings together people from diverse disciplines with an interest in Canada. For more information, contact Alane Enyart at (517) 353-9349, visit the Roundtable Web site at <www.mcsrt.org>, or contact WMU's Department of History at (269) 387-4650.

Media contact: Matt Gerard, 269 387-8400, matthew.gerard@wmich.edu

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