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'MyDoom' computer virus hits campus

Jan. 27, 2004

KALAMAZOO--A prolific new computer virus began circulating on the campus of Western Michigan University via e-mail Monday, Jan. 26.

By early this morning (Jan. 27), WMU's e-mail gateway anti-virus software had been updated to block infected messages, and a disinffectant program was made available to the campus for infected computers.

The "MyDoom" virus (W32/MyDoom-A or W32.Novarg.A@mm) is a worm which spreads by e-mail. When the infected attachment is launched, the worm harvests e-mail addresses from address
books and from files in the now-infected computer. "MyDoom" uses forged "From" addresses in e-mail messages to make it appear as though the message is from someone known to the user.

E-mail users who receive messages with any of the following subject lines, are advised to delete them immediately. Do not open the message. Suspect subjects include: error, hello, hi, mail delivery system, mail transaction failed, server report, status, test or a random collection of characters.

Macintosh and Unix computers are not affected by this virus. Mac and Unix users may still receive infected messages, however, and are advised to delete them immediately.

Windows users who think their computer may have been infected, can run a disinffectant available on the following Web page. This page also has a link to more information about the "MyDoom" virsus.


Running the disinfectant will remove the current copy of the virus, but will not protect computers from future infections.

Alternately, users can search for the files shimgapi.dll, and taskmon.exe. For Windows 95/98/ME users, the taskmon.exe is a legitimate file in the Windows operating systems, which must be restored from the original operating system floppy disk or CD.

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