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2004 Air Race Classic 'flight log'

by Amanda Gruden and Sarah Tower

June 22, 2004

WICHITA, Kan.--The last few days here in Wichita have been spent preparing ourselves and our airplane for race day.

On Sunday morning, race officials inspected our airplane, N992WW, and found her airworthy. Amanda and I also had to present our credentials--everything was in order.

Monday, we participated in the First-Time-Racers' Briefing. It was more for my benefit than Amanda's, but definitely a good review for her. Monday night, the local community sponsored a Take-Off Banquet for all of us racers at a local hands-on science museum. All the ladies enjoyed the exhibits and qppreciated Wichita's community enthusiasm for aviation and the air race tradition.

Today we spent nearly five hours in pre-flight briefings. Officials from Wichita Flight Service presented information regarding hazardous weather recognition. We reviewed race rules and regulations. We also analyzed and discussed the r! ace's airport stops. We capped it all off with a promising weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow morning.

Amanda and I are anxious to get back in the plane and begin racing. We hope to end our day tomorrow in Gillette, Wyo., weather permitting of course. We have all of our charts and paperwork organized. The airplane is full of fuel and packed with pertinent equipment. Everything we will need for the next four days is neatly packed into a few small bags. We are ready to go!

We are scheduled to depart tomorrow, June 23, at 8 a.m. Thirty-three airplanes will take-off in 30 second intervals. Yahoo!

--Sarah Tower

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