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2004 Air Race Classic 'flight log'

by Amanda Gruden and Sarah Tower

June 24, 2004

SHEBOYGAN, Wis.--We arrived in Wisconsin at 5 p.m. CDT after a long day of flying. We departed Gillette, Wyo., at 6:30 a.m. MDT and ran into a bit of weather along the way to Huron. S.D., but nothing to worry about.

We had tremendous tailwinds along the way and made it in no time. We flew over the Black Hills of South Dakota and some higher terrain. Once in Huron we were on the ground long enough to refuel the airplane and ourselves and off to Evelth, Minn., we went. That leg was almost nauseating from all the turbulence, but we hung in there for the tailwinds. Evelth was again a quick turn and off to Sheboygan, less bumpy this time.

We were pleased to see that Sheboygan had good weather. We had heard that the night before had some pretty intense weather. Now that we have eaten a hearty meal, we are ready for a good night's rest.

Only two legs of the race remaining, and we should be able to accomplish them tomorrow (June 25). We will be watching the weather closely though and might hold off until Saturday for better winds.

--Amanda Gruden

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