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Be informed about 'the most important election in a generation'

Oct. 29, 2004

KALAMAZOO--Libraries are all about putting you in touch with the information you need.

For what is widely regarded as "the most important election in a generation," University Libraries at Western Michigan University has created a comprehensive, nonpartisan voter resource on the Web at <www.wmich.edu/library/vote>.

WMU students, faculty, staff and the general public can use the site to find out if they are already registered to vote; find out where their polling location is; download an absentee ballot; find out where to send the absentee ballot; find out who the candidates are nationally, statewide and locally; find out what the candidates have said regarding issues; find out about national, state and local issues; and take a short quiz to find out where you stand ideologically, then compare results with the presidential candidates.

The University Library's voter information Web site is endorsed by the Western Student Association and numerous other student organizations and offices across campus. For more information about the site, contact Brad Dennis, WMU Education Librarian at (269) 387-1581 or <brad.dennis@wmich.edu>.

Media contact: Thom Myers, 269 387-8400, thom.myers@wmich.edu

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