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"Print Language as Content" exhibited in Sangren

Jan. 5, 2006

KALAMAZOO--The School of Art at Western Michigan University is presenting an exhibition of prints from a portfolio titled "Print Language as Content" Jan. 11 to 30 in Gallery II of Sangren Hall. Gallery II is open weekdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and there is no admission charge.

Nichole Maury, WMU assistant professor of art, will give a gallery talk on the exhibit at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 24.

"Print Language as Content" is a collaborative portfolio of 20 prints created through various techniques by various artists. The portfolio itself was an outgrowth of a seminar conducted at the University of Iowa in 2003-04 by Robert Glasgow, an Iowa art faculty member. It contains prints by both graduate students and contemporary artists who use printmaking in their work. Throughout the seminar, graduate students corresponded with artists of their choosing in order to generate a wide-ranging dialogue on the nature of printed works and their influence on other media, such as painting and drawing.

The title, "Print Language as Content," refers to the shared goal of the seminar and the portfolio, an examination of "printedness." Beginning with the premise that there are inherent meanings associated with different printed marking languages, these meanings are transferred to a printed work of art and may become a significant part of it's content, regardless of the subject or theme of the work or the intent of the artist. The term print language is intended to be inclusive--from the familiar marks derived from traditional drawing based media to those resulting from photographic, textual, and digital sources.

Today the language of print is used extensively in the production of artistic as well as commercial matter. This proliferation has resulted in an expansion of the inquiry on the nature of print beyond marking languages to include issues of historical or cultural reference, multiplicity, distribution, and target audience.

For additional information, contact the WMU School of Art Exhibitions Office at (269) 387-2455.

Media contact: Jackie Ruttinger, (269) 387-2455, jacquelyn.ruttinger@wmich.edu

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