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Promotions of 66 faculty members approved

July 17, 2006

KALAMAZOO--The promotions of 66 faculty members at Western Michigan University were approved July 14 by the WMU Board of Trustees.

Nineteen faculty members were promoted to the rank of full professor, 38 to associate professor and one to assistant professor. In addition, two faculty members were promoted to master faculty specialist and six others to faculty specialist II. All but the promotion to assistant professor are effective with the beginning of the 2006-07 academic year.

The faculty members and their academic areas, by the academic rank or position to which they are being promoted, are:

Professor--Dr. Peter Blickle, foreign languages; Dr. Marlene R. Breu, family and consumer sciences; Dr. Paul Ciccantell, sociology; Dr. Sime Curkovic, management; Dr. Paul D. Fleming III, paper engineering, chemical engineering and imaging; Dr. Lauren Freedman, teaching, learning, and leadership; Dr. Michelle Kominz, geosciences; Dr. Irma M. Lopez, Spanish; Dr. Molly Lynne-Recchia, foreign languages; Dr. Niloufer Mackey, mathematics; Dr. John Martino, mathematics; Dr. Donald J. Meyer, economics; Dr. Ann Miles, anthropology; Dr. Stephen Newell, marketing; Dr. Magdalena Niewiadomska-Bugaj, statistics; Dr. Kenneth C. O'Shaughnessy, management; Dr. Peter E. Parker, paper engineering, chemical engineering and imaging; Dr. Andrea B. Smith, teaching, learning, and leadership; and Dr. Benjamin Torres, Spanish.

Associate professor--Dr. Marc Alspector-Kelly, philosophy; Dr. Massood Z. Atashbar, electrical and computer engineering; Dr. Louann Beirllien-Palmer, teaching, learning, and leadership; Dr. Robert F. Berkhofer III, history; Dr. James J. Biles, geography; Dr. Mozhdeh B. Bruss, family and consumer sciences; Dr. Jonathan Bush, English; Dr. Deborah Che, geography; Dr. Kuanchin Chen, business information systems; Dr. Carol J. Crumbaugh, teaching, learning, and leadership; Dr. Josephine Barry-Davis, teaching, learning, and leadership; Dr. Lisa M. DeChano, geography; Dr. Vincent Desroches, foreign languages; Dr. Lonnie E. Duncan, counselor education and counseling psychology; Dr. James A. Eckert, marketing; Dr. Johnson Haas, geosciences; Dr. Lynne Heasley, history; Kevin High, College of Aviation; Dr. Karen Horneffer-Ginter, physician assistant; Dr. James Hueng, economics; Dr. Jennifer A. Machiorlatti, communication; Dr. Juanita Manning-Walsh, nursing; Dr. Kelly A. McDonnell, counselor education and counseling psychology; Dr. Patricia M. Montilia, Spanish; Dr. Amy Naugle, psychology; Dr. Paul Nwulu, communication; Dr. Jennifer Palthe, management; Dr. Muhammad A. Razi, business information systems; Edward A. Roth, music; Dr. Michael J. Ryan, economics; Dr. Eric M. Sauer, counselor education and counseling psychology; Dr. Jeffrey Strom, Department of mathematics; Dr. Judith Swisher, finance and commercial law; Dr. Ineke F. Way, social work; Lisa Whittaker, College of Aviation; Dr. Jennipher Wiebold, blindness and low vision studies; Dr. Devrim Yaman, finance and commercial law; and Dr. Richard W. Zinser, family and consumer sciences.

Assistant professor--Susan V. Piazza, teaching, learning and leadership, effective July 31, 2006.

Master faculty specialist--Ronald Miller, computer science, and Jaclyn West-Frasier, occupational therapy.

Faculty specialist II--Jan Gable-Goes, business information systems; Patrick J. Ryan, health, physical education and recreation; David H. Schrader, aviation; Ryan Seller, aviation; Jay W. Waalkes, aviation; and James Whittles, aviation.

Media contact: Jeanne Baron, (269) 387-8400, jeanne.baron@wmich.edu

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