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Trustees approve 15 retirements

Oct. 20, 2006

KALAMAZOO--The retirements of four faculty members, two department chairs and nine staff members were approved by the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees at its Oct. 20 meeting. Trustees also accepted the resignations of 10 faculty members and four staff members.

All of the faculty retirements were approved with emeriti status. The faculty members' names, positions, years of continuous service and effective dates of retirement are: Dr. Thomas R. Holmes, associate professor of holistic health, 19 years, effective Jan. 3, 2007; Dr. Linda Law, associate professor of health, physical education and recreation, 31-1/2 years, effective May 8, 2007; Charlene Renner, professor of University Libraries, 20 years, effective June 30, 2007; and Charles Stroh, professor of art, 10 years, effective June 29, 2007.

The department chairs retiring are: Dr. Daniel Mihalko, chair of statistics, 21-1/2 years, effective June 30, 2007, and Dr. Paul E. Szarmach, director of the Medieval Institute, 13 years, effective June 30, 2007.

The staff members retiring are: Richard A. Aldrich Jr., police division sergeant in the Department of Public Safety, 25 years, effective Jan. 31, 2007; Wesley R. Carpenter, captain of services in the Department of Public Safety, 33 years, effective Feb. 28, 2007; Dr. Arthur J. Fedor, substance abuse counselor in the University Counseling and Testing Center, 13 years, effective Sept. 10, 2006; Carolyn F. Hornev, career advisor in Career and Student Employment Services, 11 years, effective Feb. 28, 2007; Matthew O. Kurz, associate vice president for University Relations, 11 years, effective Jan. 9, 2007; Charles Bruce MacQueen, associate professor in the University Counseling and Testing Center, 40-1/2 years, effective Feb. 28, 2007; Janice L. Murray, utility food worker in Draper Foods, 13 years, effective Dec. 31, 2006; Candace P. Porath, editor in the Medieval Institute, 19-1/2 years, effective Oct. 31, 2006; and Patricia J. Sprague, finance specialist in physical plant-administrative support, 18 years, effective Oct. 31, 2006.

The faculty members resigning are: Dr. Mark Alavosius, assistant professor of psychology, effective June 30, 2006; Dr. James J. Biles, assistant professor of geography, effective Dec. 31, 2006; Dr. Siew H. Chan, assistant professor of accountancy, effective July 30, 2006; Dr. Karen Horneffer-Ginter, associate professor and program director of holistic health, effective Dec. 3, 2006; Dr. Allison J. McFarland, associate professor of health, physical education and recreation, effective July 31, 2006; Dr. Norali Pernalete, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, effective Aug. 18, 2006; Dr. Michael E. Raines, associate professor of mathematics, effective, Aug. 19, 2006; Dr. Abhay Sharma, associate professor of paper engineering, chemical engineering and imaging, effective July 1, 2006; Dr. Lixin Shen, assistant professor of mathematics, effective July 31, 2006; and Dr. Eshetu T. Wondmagegnehu, assistant professor of statistics, effective July 18, 2006.

The staff members resigning are: Hugh E. Conklin, general manager of the Western Herald, effective Sept. 29, 2006; medical Dr. Sally R. Cowles, occupational health physician in the Sindecuse Health Center, effective Sept. 27, 2006; Kristen S. Morin, assistant director of Student Activities and Leadership Programs, effective Aug. 14, 2006; and Amy K. Nelson, business manager in the Office of Residence Life, effective Aug. 24, 2006.

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