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McGrew moves up in chess ranks

Dec. 10, 2006

KALAMAZOO--Dr. Tim McGrew, professor and chair of philosophy at Western Michigan University, finished this year's prestigious Michigan State Open Chess Championship in a three-way tie for first place. McGrew played brilliant chess during the open competition, overcoming some National Senior Chess Masters.

A chess commentator with expertise in computer simulation of human intelligence, McGrew gained international fame in 1997 when he spotted a move during the Kasparov-Deep Blue chess tournament that would have forced a draw instead of Kasparov's defeat by IBM's Deep Blue computer.

McGrew has been a WMU faculty member since 1995 and primarily researches epistemology and the history and the philosophy of science. In pure epistemology, he works on the internalism/externalism controversy and classical foundationalism.

His interests in the philosophy of science lie principally on the epistemic side, and some of his recent publications deal with the problem of induction and the use of probability to model scientific reasoning. In addition, McGrew is increasingly interested in issues concerning the philosophy of religion and has published several articles dealing with themes at the border where philosophy of religion and probability meet.

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