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Telecom major takes top prize at national conference

April 20, 2007

KALAMAZOO--A Western Michigan University student won the top prize in a case study contest at a recent business telecommunications conference.

Steven Gole, a senior from Troy, Mich., majoring in telecommunications and information management, won the Best Student Case Study Award at the 2007 International Telecommunications Education and Research Association conference in Louisville, Ky. Gole was among four WMU telecommunications and information management majors who presented at the conference.

"We're so proud of all four students for taking the initiative to participate in this event," says Dr. Mike Tarn, co-director of the TIM program and professor of computer information systems. "Their successes, and Steven's top paper, are outstanding for such a young program. All four students represented the best of WMU with their professionalism, knowledge and experience."

The contest was very competitive, says Dr. Richard Gershon, co-director of the program and professor of communication.

"The student papers were competitively selected and featured a series of case study analyses looking at business strategy issues involving such media and telecommunication companies as Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo and Dell," Gershon says.

WMU's telecommunications and information management program belongs to the international consortium of schools representing some of the nation's best programs in the field of telecommunications and information science.

The WMU program is offered through the Department of Business Information Systems program in the Haworth College of Business and the School of Communication in the College of Arts and Sciences. The program prepares students for one of the fastest growing occupations as projected by the U.S. Department of Labor. The program is designed to train students in a variety of telecommunications and data communication subdisciplines, including network operations and security, information assurance, wireless and satellite communication, Internet communication, cable television, telephony and database management.

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