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2007 Air Race Classic 'flight log'

June 22, 2007

by Jennifer Jakubiec and Alison Pierce

ST. JOHN, New Brunswick--We made it to the finish line! We landed in St. John mid-morning, completing the 2007 Air Race Classic.

The breakwater on the coast was the final flyby, which in the morning was all fogged in. Apparently, the weather in St. John can change drastically in a short amount of time. So, when we had the chance to get out VFR [visual flight rules], we took it. The deadline for reaching the finish line was five o'clock this evening, so we weren't going to wait any longer.

We had to dodge about three weather cells on the way to Canada. Thankfully, our Cirrus [aircraft] is fast. The women behind us had to circle and put down, because the storms closed in on them.

Alison and I were relieved to even get here. A handful of women had to scratch, because they weren't able to make it through the last three legs of the race due to storms. We were sad to hear some of our fellow college teams were among those who couldn't make it in.

Tonight, we had a reception at the Hall of the Great Whales in downtown St. John, and we got to watch ourselves on the local six o'clock news. All the racers were finally able to relax and mingle with each other and the mayor.

Tomorrow [Saturday, June 23], we meet with the chief scorer and judge to compare his calculations to ours. The final standings will not be announced until the awards banquet on Sunday night. The rest of our time here we plan to enjoy the oldest city in Canada and anxiously await final results.

--Jennifer Jakubiec

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