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Hearing screenings offered at Unified Clinics

June 2, 2008

KALAMAZOO--Behold the sounds of summer--crickets and birds chirping, the chatter of children at play, the distant drone of lawnmowers.

But for many, those sounds and many more get lost in the din because of hearing problems. Knowing that many people are suffering from undiagnosed hearing loss, the Western Michigan University Van Riper Language, Speech and Hearing Clinic is encouraging the University community to schedule hearing exams.

Located in the WMU Unified Clinics on the fourth floor of the Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies, 1000 Oakland Drive, the clinic is offering hearing screenings and evaluations covered under WMU's health services plan. An exam may be scheduled by calling (269) 387-8047.

An estimated 28 million Americans have a hearing loss that can be treated. You may have a hearing loss if you frequently ask people to repeat themselves, often turn your ear toward a sound to hear it better, understand people better when you wear your glasses or look directly at their faces, lose your place in group conversations, keep the volume on your radio or TV at a level that others say is too loud or have pain or ringing in your ears.

"People who see themselves in these statements should see an audiologist for a hearing test," says Dr.Teresa Crumpton, audiologist and coordinator of audiology services at the Van Riper Clinic. "Even a very slight hearing loss can have an impact on your daily life. Hearing loss is treatable, and there is no reason for anyone to miss all the important sounds of life."

An annual hearing checkup is recommended for people age 45 and up, according to audiologists, the professionals who specialize in preventing, identifying, assessing and treating hearing disorders. Those certified professionals--and those services--are available at WMU, as are other health care services provided at the Unified Clinics, clinical programs attached to the departments and schools of the College of Health and Human Services.

"Our high quality health care services are available to the university community," says Crumpton, "and to residents throughout Southwest Michigan. We also provide excellent supervision and clinical training to students, the health care professionals of the future."

Visit www.wmich.edu/hhs/unifiedclinics for more information about audiology services and the Unified Clinics.

Media contact: Mark Schwerin, (269) 387-8400, mark.schwerin@wmich.edu

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