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How to find out if WMU is closed

Dec. 1, 2008

KALAMAZOO--Your radio alarm clock wakes you to news that several elementary schools are closed because of a winter storm, but there is no mention of classes at WMU. How do you find out if the University is closed?

First, unless you have heard otherwise from one of the official sources listed below, assume that Western Michigan University is open and will remain open as scheduled.

Branch campus closings

When the main campus in Kalamazoo is closed, all branch campuses will close as well. Branch campuses may sometimes determine a closure is necessary even when the main campus is open. If you are enrolled at a branch campus, always check that campus' Web page or call that campus directly for closure information.

University closings

There are three ways to find out if WMU is closed due to severe weather or some other emergency condition. The following applies only to closings of the entire University.

1. Go to www.wmich.edu

Closing announcements will be posted immediately on the WMU home page under WMU News, and additional information, including any cancellations of public events on campus, will be posted in WMU News as soon as the information is available. Links to WMU News can be found in GoWMU and on many other University Web pages. Remember to "refresh" or "reload" Web pages to see the most-recent version.

2. Call (269) 387-1001

Closing announcements will be available immediately at (269) 387-1001. This includes announcements that the University is closed, as well as announcements that the University will be closing at a specified time later in the day.

3. Radio and Television

As soon as a decision to close WMU is made, area radio and television stations are immediately notified by University officials. Based on past experience, the radio and television stations in West Michigan do an excellent job of promptly and accurately reporting school closings.

Assume WMU is open

In the absence of notification to the contrary via one of the official methods listed above, all normal operations will continue as scheduled. Assume WMU is open. University closings due to severe weather are very rare. In the past eight years, the University closed for an entire day only three times.

Media contact: Thom Myers, (269) 387-8400, thom.myers@wmich.edu

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