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Hilltop Review submissions due soon

Dec. 6, 2010

KALAMAZOO--Graduate students have until the end of the day Monday, Jan. 10, to submit papers and artwork for the spring 2011 issue of The Hilltop Review: A Journal of Western Michigan University Graduate Student Research.

Hilltop Review, which accepts submissions from any current WMU graduate student, is published on campus by the Graduate Student Advisory Committee. The 80-page multidisciplinary journal serves as an introduction to the publication process.

Each issue usually contains five papers and two examples of artwork, including photography.

Two-person teams from a universitywide pool of peer reviewers evaluate each submission and make recommendations to the editorial board regarding which ones should be published. The two-person teams are composed of one faculty member and one graduate student. The editorial board is composed solely of graduate students.

In addition to providing an opportunity for graduate students to get their research published, Hilltop Review brings these students into the publication process by assigning them roles as peer reviewers, editorial board members and copy editors.

The journal also accepts letters to the editor from current WMU students and faculty members. Letters are evaluated by the editorial board and should be composed as thoughtful responses to articles published in the previous issue.

For more information about submitting material for the Hilltop Review or assisting in its production, visit wmich.edu/gsac/publications.html.

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