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WMUK's 'Rewind' program to broadcast final show

Dec. 20, 2010

KALAMAZOO--A popular radio show bringing an eclectic blend of golden oldies and newer selections to WMUK listeners Sunday evenings faces its final broadcast this month after seven years on the air.

Husband and wife co-hosts Floyd Pientka and Munselle Rashall will air the final broadcast of their show "Rewind" at 7 p.m. on Dec. 26. The hour-long program had become a familiar friend of music fans looking for non-commercial music that ran the gamut from alternative rock to rhythm and blues, rockabilly and the flower-power music of the '60s.

A large portion of the show's repertoire had been culled from or was in keeping with Pientka and Rashall's personal record collection. Selections were often enduring songs from the '60s or inspired by the turbulent and musically rich decade's ideals.

"The program appeals to the person who doesn't listen to one format," says Pientka, who chose to retire "Rewind" a month before his own retirement as WMUK's general manager.

Artists and groups finding a frequent spot on the program' s roster include King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Procol Harum, The Velvet Underground and recently such newer artists as Gandalf Murphy. Experimental cuts were also part of the mix, including Dada-inspired music from the 1920's and William Burrough's "A Junkie's Christmas" on one of the show's Christmas programs.

An encouraging development during the show's run came in the form of its dedicated cadre of listeners, some of whom sent CDs to be played on the air. Pientka says this gave rise to a greater sense of confidence and led the co-hosts to take some chances.

The show's goal has been to take the rock and pop genres seriously, provide relevant informational commentary between selections and present the music from previous decades in a format that is something other than an "oldies" show.

WMUK, the pubic radio station of Western Michigan University, is located at 102.1-FM on the radio dial.

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