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Order your new WMU license plate today

Jan. 10, 2011

KALAMAZOO--Western Michigan University supporters will be able to spell out their devotion to WMU and support its students with a new license plate unveiled by the Michigan Secretary of State today.

WMU License Plates
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Photo of Western Michigan University license plate.The new plate features the "W" logo used extensively to identify the University over the past three years. The "W" is the institution's oldest mark, dating back to the school's first decade. The new fundraising plate replaces a design that featured the Bronco logo and has been in use since the state introduced university fundraising plates in 2000.

The new plate is available with generic five-character state identification number or as a personalized plate that allow drivers to send a variety of messages with the addition of up to six characters following the "W." Drivers will be able to extol the institution's virtues with plate configurations such as "W"MU GR8 or "W"MU ROX.

"We chose the 'W' for its simplicity and visibility, and because its increased use over the past few years has resonated with students, alumni and University friends of all generations," says Gregory J. Rosine, WMU vice president for government affairs and university relations. "We think it will result in more plates on the road and more support for our students.

WMU ranks third among the state's 15 public universities with nearly 11,000 plates already on the road. Each year, those WMU plates generate more than $100,000 that is dedicated to student assistance. Vehicle owners may keep their existing WMU plates or switch to the new look. However, no new plates will be issued with the Bronco logo.

A new WMU plate is $35 plus standard registration fee, with $25 going to the University for student support. A new personalized plate is $65 plus standard fee, with $25 also going to the University. Annual renewal for either plate is $10 plus standard fee, and the $10 goes to WMU.

Plates can be personalized with up to six capital letters, numbers or spaces. Original orders must be made at a Secretary of State office. However, vehicle owners can check the availability of desired combinations, and see how they will look by going to the Secretary of State's Plate It Your Way website.

Go to wmich.edu/wmuplates for complete details and an order form.

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