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Find out if—and where—you're registered to vote

by Thom Myers

Sept. 6, 2011 | WMU News

Photo of baby with I voted sticker.
KALAMAZOO--During the November 2010 election, some local poll workers reported turning away dozens of college-age voters who had registered to vote in Kalamazoo in 2008. What happened?

In Michigan, the address on your driver's license and voter registration are the same. If you change either, the other changes automatically.

Record numbers of students registered to vote at their college addresses in 2008. Many failed to realize that when they later renewed their driver's license at their parent's home address, they were changing where they were registered to vote, too.

Through the Michigan Secretary of State's website you can do all of the following online.

Oct. 11 is the final day to register for the Nov. 8 local elections—or to change the address at which you are registered to vote.

Register to vote at Bronco Bash

The Kalamazoo Area League of Women Voters will have a booth at Bronco Bash Friday to answer questions about voter registration and assist students in registering. The league will be at booth No. 52, in front of the Dalton Center.

Visit for more voter information, including voting by absentee ballot.