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New Grab-n-Go Salads promote healthy, sustainable eating

by Tonya Durlach

Nov. 4, 2011 | WMU News

Photo of WMU's Fresh Express salad selections.
Fresh Express salad selections
KALAMAZOO--Western Michigan University Dining Services is rolling out its new Fresh Express salad selections, offering healthy, sustainable options for students, faculty, staff and visitors who eat on campus.

The Fresh Express choices are naturally rich in vitamins, include only the freshest ingredients, and are prepared daily on campus. With many different offerings, there are selections for everyone, including vegetarians and vegans. The six new Shaker Salads now available are:

These new convenient Fresh Express salads are available at all campus cafes.

Many of the ingredients used in the new Fresh Express salads are locally sourced items. WMU Dining Services is committed to serving food products grown and processed in the Great Lakes states supporting the WMU sustainability initiative, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting goods from processors to end users, and reducing the miles that food travels before it reaches the plate.

WMU Dining Services is also committed to using biodegradable packaging solutions for its Shaker Salad selections. The new Fresh Express salads are served in eco-friendly Greenware containers. The 100 percent compostable bio-based products are made from renewable plant material grown in the USA, using no petroleum products. Greenware containers are provided by Fabri-Kal, a family-owned local provider headquartered in Kalamazoo.

WMU students, staff and visitors can purchase the new Fresh Express Grab-n-Go Salads using cash or Dining Dollars at all Dining Services campus cafes. MasterCard, Discover and VISA are accepted at Plaza, Bella Vita, Parkview and Bernhard Cafes.