For Faculty and Staff

At the Writing Center, we fully understand that working with students is only part of the equation. We are also here to serve the faculty and staff of Western Michigan University regarding any number of writing related issues.

Classroom visits
During a classroom visit, a staff member will discuss the services that the Writing Center provides, as well as the Writing Center location, hours of operation, etc. The more that students know about the services available to them at WMU, the more likely they are to utilize those services. As such, we also encourage all faculty members to include our brief syllabus statement in their course syllabi.

Student tracking at the Writing Center
When students visit the Writing Center, they must fill out a consultation report form. On that form, students can provide an email address for an instructor, if that instructor requires verification that the student attended the Writing Center. Simply remind your students to provide that email information on their consultation report form, and one of our receptionists will email you a confirmation note once the student has completed their consultation.