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WMU-MGRRE’s K-12 Earth Science Outreach Program

CoreKids helps students, teachers and the public to understand more about Earth, its processes and its natural resources. 

For visitors familiar with our classroom visits and field trips of the past, we are pleased to report that these services will be available during the 2012/2013 school year. Please see below for more about CoreKids past activities. (click here)

For information on helping to fund CoreKids, please contact WMU Department of Geosciences.


CoreKids thanks those teachers, students and sponsors who we worked with from 2007 - 2011

Dear Teachers and Students, Earth

If you are a geoscientist wondering whether outreach is important, or a teacher looking for evidence to convince your school board that Earth Science should be included in your curriculum, please view and download our presentation titled Why Support Geoscience Education?

Between 2007 and the spring of 2011, CoreKids staff interacted directly with over 10,000 of Michigan's K-12 students and teachers. The CoreKids program, including development of the resources on this website were made available by major funding from the US Department of Energy (2007-2008), DTE Energy Foundation (2008-2013). We thank this sponsor for allowing us to visit so many students and teachers.

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New Video! More to Come.......
Watch CoreKids students learn about porosity and permeability in our new video! Click the link to watch. CoreKids "Kid Rocks Activity" Video


Click on the links at left to explore our educational resources and activities. Also see Special Announcements below. We want everyone to know that:

  • Earth is ancient…
  • Earth is constantly changing…
  • Earth is rich in natural resources…
  • Earth impacts us, and we impact our planet...





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