Gay Walker

Gay Walker, Program Coordinator

Since it was established in 1982—one of the first programs of its kind in the nation—the holistic health care program at Western Michigan University has innovated and evolved, responding to new discoveries in the discipline and to emerging health care trends. Our new name, integrative holistic health and wellness, continues that tradition, expressing the program's vision and mission today and for the future.

Holism is a philosophy which considers the whole person within the larger context of the individual's life. The wisdom of holistic health honors the interdependent relationship between body, mind, spirit and community. Our holistic health academic programs encourage personal growth through self-assessment, authentic expression, and active participation in health. Classes include lecture, discussion, personal reflection and experiential activities.

We welcome your interest in the integrative holistic health and wellness graduate certificate program and the undergraduate minor. For additional information and to apply, call (269) 387-2650 to set up an appointment with an advisor or email holistic-info@wmich.edu. We look forward to meeting you and talking about opportunities available for you in the program.

Gay Walker, Program Coordinator