Photo of Lieutenant Colonel Decker Hains
Department Chair
(269) 387-8121
Photo of Cris Obreiter
Office Associate
(269) 387-8120
Grand Rapids National Guard Liason and Recruiter
(616) 214-1418
Photo of Captain Louis Harrington
Training Officer
(269) 387-8128
Army Reserve Liaison and Recruiter
Photo of Brett Johnson
Scholarship and Enrollment Officer
(269) 387-8122
Photo of Brian Jones
Human Resouces Administrator
(269) 387-8123
Photo of Bill Parks
Supply Technician
(269) 387-8132
Photo of Steven Prince
Senior Military Science Instructor
(616) 771-9496
Photo of Richard Rigsby
Human Resource Administrator
(269) 387-8126
Photo of Master Sergeant Robert Ryder
Senior Military Science Instructor
Photo of Captain Charles Solaita
Assistant Professor of Military Science