• Students smiling after renovating a community garden
  • A WMU student working with an elementary student to create a holiday ornament. The WMU student's hands are holding the ornament while the elementary student's hands are inserting beads and cotton balls.
  • Students sitting by excavated earth at the Fort St. Joseph archaeological dig. The students are discussing the artifacts they uncovered.
  • Students planting flowers in a community garden

Service-learning is a mutually beneficial endeavor in which course learning objectives are met by addressing community-identified needs--putting academics into practice. Projects require a minimum of 15 hours of service work outside the classroom, and provide students with opportunities to be a part of the solution to challenges identified by our community partners. Service-learning always includes critical reflection of the experience and empowers community members, students, and faculty to create change.

Interested in receiving a service-learning course designation? Please read the criteria.

Students will:

  • Enhance critical thinking skills
  • Increase awareness about the importance of civic engagement
  • Promote feelings of empowerment
  • Build cultural awareness
  • Foster relationship skills 
  • Develop professional network

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