Social Justice Video Series

The Office of Service-Learning is dedicated to creating a stronger and more inclusive community. As an emerging class of community leaders, service-learning students are trained to recognize and reduce tensions among cultures, generations and other groups within our society. Through safe immersion in the community, students will develop a deeper understanding of oppression, inequality and other social injustices. 

Race, power and privilege

In this interview, Walter talks about the effects of power, privilege, and race on his life, as well as in society. He also provides insight into some damaging myths about the topics.


In this interview, Cody discusses his family’s experience with homelessness, his personal battle with substance addiction, and social justice work as the cofounder of Kalamazoo4Justice.


In this interview, Shannon addresses some myths about sexuality and talks about discrimination in society, as well as challenges faced as a member of the LGTBQ community.

Gender identity

In this interview, Davison shares her experience as a transgender woman, addresses common myths about trans* individuals, and explains some inequalities that exist in society today.


In this interview, Evelin discusses her experiences and dispels common myths about immigration in the United States.


In this interview, WMU social work instructor Dan Renstrom addresses common myths about gender inequality in the United States.

Domestic violence

In this interview, Sophia discusses her experiences of being in an abusive relationship.

 Mental health and addiction

In this interview, Shareé shares her experiences and addresses common misconceptions surrounding mental health and addiction.


In this interview, “John” shares his experiences and addresses the trappings of the legal system.

Human trafficking

In this interview, Analise shares her experiences and addresses common misconceptions regarding human trafficking.