The following section contains additional resources for service-learning. Readings focus on assessment and impact, principles and best practices, syllabus and course design, inspiration and reflection.  

Assessment and impact

At a glance: What we know about the effects of service-learning on college students, faculty, institutions and communities
Read the article by Eyler, Giles, Stenson, & Gray

Impact of service-learning and social justice education on college students’ cognitive development
Read the article by Wang and Rodgers

Service-learning and academic success: The links to retention research
Read the article by Simonet

Service-Learning in life-span developmental psychology: Higher exam scores and increased empathy
Read the article by Lundy

Implementing service-learning in higher education
Read the article by Bringle 

The impact of service-learning on ethnocentrism in an intercultural communication course
Read the article by Borden

Principles and best practices

Connecting communities with colleges and universities
Read the piece by America's Promise

Embedded engagement: Communities magnify the value of engaged practices 
Read the article by Freeman 

How higher education is integrating diversity and service-learning: Findings from four case studies
Read the article by Vogelgesang

Research university engaged scholarship toolkit 
Learn more about the toolkit 

Syllabus and course design

More than 300 exemplary service-learning syllabi across a wide variety of disciplines
View exemplary syllabi to learn more about course design 


To hell with good intentions
Read the address by Illich

Channeling change: Making collective impact work
Read the article by Hanleybrown, Kania, & Kramer


Reflection: Linking service and learning—linking students and communities
Read the article by Eyler

Resources that that faculty can use for structuring the reflection process 
Learn more about reflection resources